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Nutrition Data

Sugar and Artificial Sweetners

Glycemic Index/Load

Weight Loss

Exercise vs. Diet


Omega 3s
fats, and cholesterol (triglycerides)


(keeping sharp, Dementia: Alzheimer's, etc.)

My Plate
Harvard Public Health

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Medical Information Reliability

Why Everything You Read About Your Health Is Wrong - Popular Science

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False - PLOS

90% of Medical Research Is Wrong? - Time

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science - The Atlantic

Personal-health journalism serves up a daily diet of unreliable information - Columbia Journalism Review

'Survival of the wrongest' - Columbia Journalism Review 

Evidence-based health care - Cochrane Collaboration 

Apps: Food, Nutrition, Weight

8 Best Diet & Nutrition Apps

Food Apps - Food & Nutrition

Consumer and Lifestyle App Reviews,
Weight Management App Reviews
- Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Best Nutrition Apps of 2014,
Best Weight Loss Apps of the Year
for iPhones and Androids - Healthline

Can an app help you lose weight? - Harvard

Food Additives

Chemical Cuisine - CSPI

The Truth About 7 Common Food Additives - WebMD

Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives - Environmental Working Group

Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid - Food Matters

Top 9 Scary Food Additives - ABC

Yoplait - Comparison of Yoplait Light and Chobani Greek

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Dietary Guidelines -


Mayo Clinic

Harvard School of Public Health - Nutrition

Food Politics




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