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Sugar 101 - Naturally occurring sugars and added sugars [American Heart Assoc.]
  Added Sugars
  Glycemic Index and Diabetes

Is Refined Sugar Really Toxic?

Why Sugar Is Poison

Sugar Shockers: Foods Surprisingly High in Sugar

Artificial Sweetners

30 Code Words For Sugar - Consumerist

Sugar's Many Disguises -

Glycemic Index for Sweeteners

Sugar Alcohols - American Diebetics Association


Is Sugar Toxic - 60 Minutes Investigates (13:40)

The Sugary Truth (4:35)

Sugar Is Killing Us (3:31)

White Bread = Death! (2:49)

Sugar...the truth (29:48)

Sugar -- the elephant in the kitchen: Robert Lustig at TEDxBermuda 2013 (22:23)

Sugar: white poison, an amazing expose on this toxic stuff (YouTube 18:00, Australian)